Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) Consulting

Lighting and Heating System
  • Evaluate the building from existing plans
  • Site visit to evaluate as-built
  • Determine building codes the as-built likely followed.
  • Create energy model of existing
  • Create energy model of proposed
  • Design and engineer proposed HVAC system
  • Manage energy efficiency aspect of construction¬†
  • Hold contractor meeting on energy efficiency installation procedures and expectations
  • Conduct virtual inspections of pre-insulation to certify air sealing
  • Conduct virtual inspection of post-insulation to insulation to verify proper installation of insulation
  • Conduct inspection for 45L, 179D, Cost Seg.
  • Apply for utility and state rebates
  • Certify and issue 45L certificates, and 179D and Cost Seg Report
  • ROI Analysis